How women's health affects emotional change

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Pixlapiren Oceangatan 2, Helsingborg Helsingborg

It is not easy to be a woman who has to juggle a few things at the same time. The hormones go roller coaster certain days a month and affect the shape of our bodies, our brains, our sleep cycles, our reaction to stress, and even how we react on what others say to us - everyday situations we have to deal with besides being lovers, partners, mothers, and businesswomen. Most women experience mild physical and emotional changes when getting their period, others have more severe symptoms.​
Patricia Bohlen will join us for our breakfast talks where we will find out how a normal hormonal cycle should be, why we have PMS or even menopausal symptoms, and what we can do in terms of diet, nutrition, and exercise to be more balanced.​
Patricia is a specialist in osteopathy and Ayurveda, she has been studying Ayurveda for several years in Asia, but now she works in Helsingborg. As Patricia says herself, she is passionate about women's health and wants to help women to be healthy. Join us on the 22nd of May at Pixlapiren, Helsinborg. The breakfast is free, but you need to sign up.​

22th of May at 8:00
Helsingborg Oceangatan 2.​
(Pixlapiren building)
The event is free


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